Jonathan & Jenn Hesbol

In April, my wife Jenna and I had been loosely searching for a home, but were beginning to feel overwhelmed by what was proving to be a crazy housing market. We knew we needed the help of an experienced team to navigate this colossal endeavor. When we called Rick and Angela, we didn’t know what to expect. What we did know is that housing prices were escalating higher than we thought we could manage and our hopes of finding a dream home quickly turned into hopefully just finding a home that could give our family enough space to grow into. Almost immediately upon speaking with them for the first time we felt supported and heard. By the time we hung up the phone we both had tears in our eyes because a feeling that had been elusive, finally began to sink in. Hope. Through the entire process Rick and Angela – who both are incredibly knowledgeable, not just about the home buying process but also the market trends and tendencies – and their team took the time to understand what it was that we truly wanted and gave us a sense that finding our dream home was actually a possibility. They preached patience, and dedication to the end goal. When we made offers that were rejected, they sat with us and virtually held our hands as we worked through our broken hearts and tried to figure out in which direction to go next. When we finally took the phone call that changed our lives forever, we couldn’t have imagined anyone else revealing such precious news to us and sitting there on the other end of the phone as we screamed, cried and laughed. The Morsa-Moore agency and their team were vital in getting us through the entire home buying process and we will forever be grateful for their part in making our dreams come true.

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