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Have you considered selling your long-time home? The decision to downsize or transition to a new living situation, whether it's an over-55 development, independent living, assisted living, nursing care, or handling an estate sale for a loved one, marks a significant change in your or a loved one’s life. More than just a move, it's the start of your next chapter.

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Compass Concierge can help get your home ready to sell, easily and hassle-free.

If you’re ready to sell and move on to your next chapter, but you’re overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning out your long-time home, Compass Concierge can help. Compass Concierge allows you to make home improvements at no upfront cost and no interest. You can take advantage of services such as decluttering, deep-cleaning, moving and storage, staging, and much more. Simply pay back once your home sells, you terminate your listing agreement, or you pass 12 months from your Concierge start date (whichever occurs first). Concierge helps get your home market ready, so it can sell faster and for a higher price. To learn more about our Concierge program, click below.

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