Marissa Terrell

Marketing Coordinator

Originating from Kansas City, Marissa Terrell is not just an upcoming graduate in Business Administration from Kansas University, but she's also the marketing dynamo behind our team's initiatives. With a rich background intertwining real estate and varied administrative roles, Marissa has a keen sense for what makes a campaign tick and a property shine. She also helps drive engagement on our social media accounts.

Outside the professional sphere, Marissa's world revolves around her one-year-old daughter and her fiance. Their outdoor adventures, from strolls to park visits, often inspire her creative side, lending a fresh perspective to her marketing endeavors.

Relevant Marketing & Administrative Experience:

  • Real Estate Marketing & Administration: After securing her real estate licenses for both Kansas and Missouri, Marissa quickly recognized her flair for the marketing facet of the industry. Collaborating with a reputed Kansas City-based agent, she has been instrumental in crafting and disseminating engaging marketing materials, hosting attention-grabbing open houses, and efficiently coordinating various real estate processes.
  • Healthcare Facility (6 Years): At the heart of the facility's administrative hub, Marissa honed her skills in data management and communication. Her proficiency in organizing and relaying information laid the groundwork for her transition into marketing, where clear messaging is paramount.
  • Collision Center (2+ Years): While her title read 'administrative assistant', Marissa's role was closer to that of a communications specialist. Balancing customer interactions, managing order workflows, and liaising with external partners like insurance firms, she mastered the art of juggling multiple stakeholders — a skill invaluable in any marketing role.

Marissa's meticulous attention to detail, combined with her innate ability to craft compelling narratives, makes her an asset to our marketing endeavors. She's driven to apply her unique blend of experience and creativity to elevate our brand and campaigns to new heights.