Compass Entrepreneurship Principals

As Compass RE agents, we are guided each day by the Compass Entrepreneurship Principals:

  1. Dream Big
    Your ambition is the cap to your potential
    You focus on what’s possible
    You inspire those around you
  2. Move Fast
    You set the pace for your industry
    You focus on results over process
    You minimize complexity to make speed sustainable
  3. Learn from reality
    You don’t theorize and analyze when you could do and learn
    You validate ideas with people whose experiences differ from your own
    You spend time – a lot of time – listening to your customer
  4. We Are solutions-driven
    You are an optimist
    You believe every challenge is an opportunity
    You are grateful for challenges
  5. Obsess about opportunity
    You care so much it is your competitive advantage
    You obsess about every opportunity to improve your customers’ lives
  6. Collaborate without ego
    You collaborate to make the best possible decisions
    You are the kind of person other people want to work with
    You put the missions before the interests of any individual
  7. Maximize our strengths
    You do what you love
    You focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses
    You recognize that your best self is your authentic self
  8. Bounce back with passion
    You don’t let doubt, failure, or negativity hold you back
    You are quick to adapt to challenges
    You keep moving forward with passion and positivity


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